Thursday, June 5, 2008

My big drum and Jimbos honking big drum

   these two photos of me were taken by good friend Eric Reaves   here's a link to his website ... 
Welcome to Eric’s easel    
     he's a fantastic artist and better friend 
   If you really know me.... you know I've become obsessed with catching large Freshwater Drum on a flyrod with a flies we've designed ourselves. Until Jimbo( Duecker) caught this fish a couple of weeks ago I had landed the biggest Drum of our local group of flyfishing buddies, Eric Reaves, Daryl Wisser, Rich Halverson Dave Brenneman and Dave Bireline.... I have a cool video of him landing this fish that I may put up later.   A lot of fisherman consider these a trash fish and for the life of me I don't know why?  They live in the same places as smallmouth, eat the same stuff and really put a bend in the rod. They  are really spooky and require a perfect presentation in order to make them eat your fly. They are everything I look for in a fish. I even think they are beautiful.  My goal is to catch a river drum in the 20 pound range...  so far about 8 pounds is my largest....  I saw two tailing fish last year that were at least twenty...... 
     Jimbo is on a roll... he caught the largest trout of our group last year a 10 pound rainbow on a dry fly, now this drum....   he can flat out flyfish!!!   was I ever jealous of this fish, but it was great to be there!!  I was with him when he landed the trout last year also...  maybe I'm good mojo for him? 
  Hey Jimbo... E sent me these photos of my big drum from last year...   which one do you think is bigget/   mine was bigger than I remembered.... pretty close? 

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