Thursday, July 31, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Moment

    I've been chasing the idea of " the perfect moment. "  Subtle and ephemeral, they are easy to miss.  Like so many other wonderful things, I  need to  remember again what I have forgotten. The battle between the eternal and temporal,  the corruptible and incorruptible clouds my vision and understanding. I'm afraid I'll miss it or not see it. So the search goes on....  
     Eugene O'Kelly  in "Chasing Daylight"  talks about the perfect moment being a moment with others when time stands still,  a time fully in the present, where the past and future are set aside.   
     All opposites help describe and explain each other in some way...  there is no darkness without light, red is most red placed next to it's compliment green... so is it possible to have perfection without the help of imperfection? Maybe it is the scar, impervious flaw, or broken heart that ushers in the possibility of a perfect moment. 

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