Thursday, September 4, 2008

Deep Woods Press

Deep Wood Press..... my kind of books ... scroll through some of the titles


cutthroat stalker said...

Oh man, Rod, don't do this to me....... I love Voelker's books Trout Madness and Trout Magic. I'd like to get my hands on the Deep Woods Press John Voelker, A Portfolio. If/when it comes out, I'm sure it will be way too rich for my blood, but I can still drool.  I have Jerry Dennis' A Place on the Water and From a Wooden Canoe. "The Trout In Winter" verse and illustration (by Glenn Wolff - I'm sure you're familiar with his work, but I really like his "Bugs of Summer" illustration) would be nice to have too.

scott c

rod said...

I have loved John Voelker's work for years.... there is good work out there... if you look hard... most of the time it goes unappreciated by the major media... but "Anatomy of a Murder" introduced him to a much wider audience..... rod

cutthroat stalker said...

You're right about some good stuff out there unappreciated by major media. For instance, I'm always surprised more people haven't heard of Harry Middleton. (Just think if Oprah would have read his The Earth Is Enough.) Even more surprising, why haven't more fly fishers heard/read much of the literature out there?

Speaking of which, check out David Motes' website, StoryArc. Read his "A Rationale" in the bottom right corner (and his other stuff too). If you dabble in writing, submit to him too (I'm sending him a piece or two).

river printer said...

Actually, it's the Voelker Foundation that's been holding me up (for years now) from going through with this project. I think John knew if he left his work to the MI bar association it would be protected forever from careless reproduction by a crack team of people who can never agree on anything.

Glenn & Jerry will be out this week to finish up "Winter Walks" - Glenn's running his wood engravings on one of my presses and Jerry will be collating, folding, sewing.... We always have fun when we collaborate.

BTW, I'm always open to barter if anyone has decent surplus fly gear.

Didn't mean to highjack your thread, glad you like the stuff.

Chad Pastotnik
Deep Wood Press