Tuesday, April 29, 2014

John Butler Trio "Spring to Come" Acoustic In-Studio (+playlist)

It has been a long winter… those who know me best understand the metaphor in those words. But...Spring has come around again… the redbuds are out, the white bass are in the river…..It still feels like I have been transported to some other parallel universe at times. Every now and then I dream about her still. One dream was so real, she was her glorified self, so perfect and beautiful. She had put on her old body, like one might put on clothes. She did that for me so I would recognize her. Everywhere there was any opening in the clothes light was streaming out.  She held me and kissed me, we talked. But I can't remember what we talked about. Eventually she said it was time for her to go, and then,  she was gone… again.

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