Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Good Books

    Read the water, read the rise, read the wind, and then read these books..... 
   "Rivers Course through my dreams, rivers cold and fast. rivers known and rivers nameless, rivers that seem like ribbons of blue water twisting through wide valleys, narrow rivers folded in layers of darkening shadow, rivers that eroded down deep in a mountain belly, sculpted the land, peeled back the planet's history exposing the texture of time itself."  - Harry Middleton  ,  Rivers of Memory 

" Under Cottonwoods"   by Stephen Grace  

"The Run to Gitche Gumee"  by  Robert F. Jones 



cutthroat stalker said...


The Earth is Enough is my favorite read of all time. (I love Middleton's writing and have first editions of all of his books (except the too-rich-for-my-blood Starlight Creek Angling Society). His early death was an incredible loss to angling literature.

I enjoyed reading Under Cottonwoods.

I'm not familiar with The Run to Gitche Gumee, so I just ordered it from Amazon. Thank you for the recommendation.

May I interest you in one of my favorites, A Place In Mind, by Sydney Lea. The book is about friendship, loss, aging and outdoor recreation (fly fishing, etc.).

scott c

rod said...

I'm ordering " A Place in Mind" today.... thanks for recommending it. Have you ever read "The Big Stoney" by Walden? it's another of those kind of books, one of my favorites.

cutthroat stalker said...

The Big Stony is unfamiliar to me. Just ordered that one too.

There is a slow "love interest" spot in A Place In Mind that lasts about 30 pages, but is important to the story. Not my typical kind of thing, but don't let it slow you down.

I'm not sure if you're interested in "western" lit, but James Galvin's The Meadow (prose) and Fencing the Sky (fiction) are good. No fishing stuff, just outdoorsiness of the western flavor. But very well written.

Funny thing, both Sydney Lea and James Galvin are poets as well as authors of fiction (I read a fair amount of poetry). Maybe that's why I like these authors, their poetry writing gives them a good insight into using the English language well.

scott c

rod said...

Have you read any of Sydney Leas poetry? looks like I need to get a hold of some

cutthroat stalker said...

I’ve read some of his stuff, but have never gotten around to purchasing any books yet. As with many poets, I like some of his pieces, and others, not so much. Writes a lot of narrative, outdoorsy stuff.

Here is a link to his book, To the Bone from Google Books (you can read a fair number of his poems there).

Pursuit of a Wound also at Google Books

Three poems from his website.

Four poems here.

Hunter’s Sabbath: Hippocratic

Late Season

scott c