Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music for the Road and the Fishing Trip...

    Roll down the window and turn up the Allman Brothers.   In Memory of Elizabeth Reed   helps those hours on the road seem shorter. Most of our fishing around here means a road trip.  Jimbo and I always listened to Gordon Lightfoot when we were on our way to a fishing destination.  Habit or superstition ,  it seemed to bring us good luck.  Here's some other music to tick away the miles. 

  Jeffery Foucault is moody and little dark but perfect for hours on the road before dawn.  Miles From Lightning  keeps the sun out of your eyes.  
David Wilcox .... one of my favorite singer song writers....   his music and poetry are right on in  Perfect Storm   

    Pierce Pettis is another great singer songwriter... Alabama 1959  and  Love Will Find You Again are so beautifully written and played. 

    Peter Mayer sings my favorite version of my favorite song.....  you need  itunes to go here   Moon River

  The Silent Fool  by Eric Mongrain is instrumental genius like rain in the river.... art that takes you where you haven't been before


cutthroat stalker said...


I love Mongrain's stuff. I like the whole slap guitar thing. I've enjoyed Michael Hedges for years and he does some of that. Have you seen the movie, August Rush? It came out within the past year about a boy slap guitar prodigy. Interesting flick. Some of the slap guitar in the movie is actually performed by the woman artist, Kaki King. She's got some great stuff (you can find a fair number of her pieces on YouTube).

I like some of Jeffery Foucault's and David Wilcox's stuff too. Wasn't familiar with Peter Mayer or Pierce Pettis. Thanks for the heads-up on their music.

scott c

John said...


David Wilcox is also one of my favorites. I've followed him for almost twenty years. It doesn't see possible. Thanks for sharing!

rod said...

I looked up Kaki King and August Rush... I'm going to rent it ... looks great thanks rod

rod said...

David Wilcox is going to be in Indianapolis in Nov... I think? We've seen him three times in concert down there... just him and his guitar , flawless! rod