Thursday, April 22, 2010

rainstorm on the tailwater

My son Bryan and I on the Beaver Tailwater in Arkansas... in one scary lightning and thunderstorm.. we had stopped to hide under a rock ledge... when Bryan suggested where we were sitting was more dangerous than the storm if the ledge fell on top of us... which made me a bit paranoid about being crushed by tons of rock.... so we hightailed it out of there, in spite of all the lightning... what a day... Bryan recently posted on my facebook page this memory ... he is in the Middle East right now.... so hopefully he'll have a chance to get on line and see this video ...

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Cutthroat Stalker said...

Wow Rod, that's some weather. Great chance to make memories with your son though--I'm sure you'll remember that one.

I've been missing your regular posts.

How's the art?

-scott c